N.B.; As this branch of the VIOLONCELLO requires a particular study and experience, the Student is referred to a judicious Master

J. G. C. Schetky, 1813

Imogen Freda her Strathspey

Imogen and Kate listening to music at the ceilidh
Christopher and Immy dancing to the String Time Fiddlers
Christopher, in kilt, playing Imogen Freda her Strathspey

A daughter, a thesis to write, and being reduced to practising the Art of Fugue late at night in the laundry leaves little time for entertaining yet erudite blog posts…

Here is some music instead.

At the beginning of 2014 we had a ceilidh to celebrate our daughter. I played this sort of half reel half Strathspey. It can be downloaded from the music page.